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Bon Appetit

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fighting Cancer With Food Can Also Be Tasty

Tips on Cancer Fighting Foods

Oh, yes I could put several types of food on this list that are just as good as the ones listed below but our bet it that not a lot of people would find them all that appealing, so this list contains doable foods. Foods that you can really incorporate into your everyday diet! If you actually like green tea and pinto beans have at it but the ones below look and taste like something I could eat everyday! As a cancer survivor its more important to list foods that I will genuinely like and ones that can realistically enter my daily diet. So bon appetite! 

Berries, the more color the better
As a tasty treat, berries are hard to beat. But their juicy goodness also may make them one of the foods to fight cancer. Berries contain particularly powerful antioxidants, meaning they can halt a naturally occurring process in the body that creates free radicals that can damage your cells. Compounds in berries may also help keep cancers from growing or spreading. So, as part of your anti-cancer diet, pick up a handful of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, or any other favorite berries today.

Some research has found that eating tomatoes may help protect men from prostate cancer. The juicy red orbs can help guard the DNA in your cells from damage that can lead to cancer. Tomatoes contain a particularly high concentration of an effective antioxidant called lycopene. Your body may absorb lycopene better from processed tomato foods such as sauce, which means that whole-wheat pasta with marinara sauce could be a delicious way to help lower your risk of this disease.

Several large studies have found that those who eat more garlic are less likely to develop various kinds of cancer, especially in digestive organs such as the esophagus, stomach, and colon. Ingredients in the pungent bulbs may keep cancer-causing substances in your body from working, or they may keep cancer cells from multiplying. Experts don’t know how much you need to eat to prevent cancer, but a clove a day may be helpful.

All types of Red Grapes
The skin of red grapes is a particularly rich source of an antioxidant called resveratrol. Grape juice and red wine also contain this antioxidant. According to the National Cancer Institute, resveratrol may be useful in keeping cancer from beginning or spreading. Lab studies have found that it limits the growth of many kinds of cancer cells; in men, moderate amounts of red wine have been linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Whole Grains, The Grainier the Better
According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, whole grains contain many components that might lower your risk of cancer, including fiber and antioxidants. A large study including nearly half a million people found that eating more whole grains might lower the risk of colorectal cancer, making them a top item in the category of foods to fight cancer. Oatmeal, barley, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread and pasta are all examples of whole grains.


  1. My father loves munching on garlic every night. Now I know why he became a cancer survivor because he makes garlic as his snack.

    -Eliza Binnie

  2. Superfoods are easy to find fresh, and most of them are the common ingredients you could find in your kitchen. That's why when I hold fitness seminars, I advise my audience to cook at home if they're trying to live healthy. Thanks for the list. I'm looking forward to the rest of the superfoods you can put into the list. - Ronald Gallegos

  3. It’s a good thing that I like berries very much especially blueberry and strawberry. I’ll try adding tomatoes in my diet but I’ll take it in a form of juice.

    -Caitlyn Cerutty

  4. I wonder if cancer survivors stick on this diet. If it’s really effective then it must be crazy to know that tasty food can save us from cancer rather than those machines with harmful radiations.

    -Aimee Archer



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