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The primary purpose of Cuisine Manager is to provide some great stories about our lives that revolve around food and culminate with a great recipe. We have written a cookbook with stories that might make you happy or might make you sad but they will certainly move you. We are hoping to get our book (Recipes with Life Lessons) published in 2010 so look for it later in the year! We want you to get motivated about food and cooking to create your own family memories. Getting your family and children involved will surely facilitate the process. We have scoured the internet to provide you with the best cooking links possible.
We should be posting new stories each week, we welcome your comments and any suggestions that you may have. Check out our archive for earlier stories.
Bon Appetit

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cuisine Manager offers great recipes with intriguing stories that will compel you to get out and start cooking. Check out some of the best of the web on food and cooking and other great information on how to, helpful hint and information you need to know if you are about food!


  1. Hey Richard!
    That Kastor stove looks amazing!

    I was just directed to your blog, here, by DB on his b-day.
    Congratulations and Best!



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